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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why It's Nearly Impossible to "Flip" in New York City


This week a listing for a  900 sq ft 2 BR in the Towers for $515k caught my eye. Back in September  the same unit on the first floor sold for $230k. Why the almost $300k price differential? The latter was a wreck, indeed, as these side-by-side photos show.

The recent listing caused a flurry of speculation in the Jackson Heights Life forum. Did someone "flip" that wreck? And brought up a good question: can you "flip" a co-op apartment in Jackson Heights? Not in the conventional sense, especially in a co-op.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our White Kitchen Makeover for Under $3,000

After closing on the purchase of our 1946 home in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of New York City, we immediately embarked on a gut renovation of the bathroomA bathroom renovation of this magnitude — taking walls down to the studs, floors down to the beams — runs about $20k-$30k these days, so I knew there'd not be a whole lot of budget left to upgrade the kitchen. I had to be creative and focus on things that could be most easily and most economically changed. Here's a look at it "before":

Monday, January 5, 2015

Beveled Tile - The Problem With Finishing Corners

It's been almost a year since we closed on the purchase of this home, and about 9 months since our bathroom renovation was completed. I haven't wanted to dwell on the bad moments and near misses (and there were several!) just luxuriate in the deep soaking tub.

But before amnesia completely takes over, I want to share some information about beveled tile that caused us a near catastrophe. Perhaps someone out there right now planning your bathroom reno will stumble across this bit of information and be able to act upon it in the planning phase while you have all your options open. Or maybe you are right in the middle of dealing with this very issue and this information might help.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Could Roller Blinds Be the Perfect Midcentury Window Treatment?

Amy Lau Designs 
The window treatments really make this room, don't you think? I learned from reading the interior designer Amy Lau's comments on Houzz that the curtain fabric shown in this picture was designed by textile artist Judy Ross. I keep that bit of info tucked away for future renovations. Because my current living room isn't having it. And that's not really surprising when you consider that this apartment was built in 1946.