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Friday, June 14, 2013

My Carroll Gardens FSBO Gets Multiple Bids!

Credit: David Castillo/Blue Barn Picture

I'm selling my home! As you know, I moved in with Ross two years ago and sublet my Brooklyn co-op apartment.

So, how has that been going, being a landlord and all?

My experience has been mostly positive. My tenants paid the rent on time and in exchange, when something was wrong I jumped to fix it. That's the contract, right? If everyone just follows this, isn't life sweet? I did have to keep their deposit, however. Unfortunately, their dog left puddles on the hardwood floors that I guess no one cleaned up. The wood was blackened in several prominent spots. You might think I could just have the floors sanded and refinished. But that wouldn't have fixed them. (Read: Repairing Pet Damage to Hardwood Floors.)

Anyway, if you recall I put my place on the market in May. Well, not even a week later I found my listing written up on Curbed: Charming Carroll Gardens 1BR Seeks $550K in FSBO Attempt. With commenters conjecturing on the market value of the place as well as my capability to sell it myself.

The comments ranged from extremely complimentary about the place to, well... kinda hater, like most comments sections.