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Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Replace the Mesh in a Torn Window Screen

Screen Repair Kit from Home Depot SRP $10
When we moved into our mid-century home it was in fixer-up condition, with a lot of work needed. One of the things pretty far at the bottom of the priority list was fixing the torn screens. Back when I was a novice home owner, I would have started pricing new window screens. But now I know how easy (and much less expensive) it is to simply replace the mesh, and yes, there is a kit for that. It comes with a roll of mesh, a length of rubber "spline", and a tool to push the spline into the frame.

I'll explain in more detail and take some photos as I go along. Ready to fix some screens? Let's go.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Midcentury Lighting Fixtures I Love

Choosing lighting fixtures when you are planning a remodel can be difficult. You may not have firmed up in your mind's eye, where exactly you are putting various pieces of furniture or how you plan to particular areas of the home.

In our new home, built in 1946, there is a sweet foyer. The kind that New York developers rarely devote the space to these days. It is a true entryway - about 9 feet by 12 feet of room intended for nothing other than getting one's bearings upon entering the apartment.

I was not sure how I was ultimately going to use that space - in fact, I'm still not certain I won't one day move the dining table there and expand the kitchen. I did know that I wanted a light fixture that would set the tone for the entire home. Here's a look at some of my runner's up.