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Friday, September 1, 2006

Brooklyn Garden Apartment: Kitchen Plan

Open-frame cabinets in high gloss finish look sleek and modern.
You can't imagine my disappoint when I learned that I can't use Ikea cabinets in our kitchen. They don't come in enough size increments for me to be able to make good use of every inch of space in this small kitchen.

My main sticking point is the corner sink cabinet. All of Ikea's corner sink cabinets are L-shaped with a lazy suzan in the blind corner. While I applaud this innovative thinking, it's simply too big for our space. And having a corner sink is key to my design. It's the only layout that will give me enough room to fit all the appliances we need and locate the refrigerator in the one place that will not block the line of site.

In addition, Ikea doesn't make 12" high cabinets. In order to make use of every inch of vertical space, I plan to use the longest available cabinet, 39" plus another 12" row of cabinets above it along the refrigerator side that be perpendicular to the other wall's soffit, which is exactly 12".

It's too bad. I really love Ikea kitchens, and it's not just the cost savings, though that is significant. I love the drawer organizers. And I like the look of their new European style glossy doors.

As prefab sizes are out of the question, I had to turn to semi-custom.