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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cheater's Guide to Touching Up Wall Paint

Cheater's Guide to Touching Up Wall Paint

We're coming up on two years since we bought our home, so that means two years since we painted. With holiday guests expected, it's time for a touch up. So a few weeks back I went through the house looking over all the walls and placed a small piece of blue painter's tape next to every scuff, smudge, and scratch. Then I rooted through my paint closet and found the unused paint that I had thought to store, clearly labeled Farrow & Ball Blackened — thank you, Past Self! All I had to do now was mix some of that with 50% water, test a small area to see if the color blended (finger's crossed), and get this job done.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Restoring Chipped Laminate on a Saarinen Pedestal Table

Our pedestal table has survived three moves - and in the process seen some hard knocks. It was not in perfect condition when I bought it off Craigslist. I paid $175, if memory serves, and it had many dings and scratches on the pedestal base. In our most recent move, though, the laminate top was gouged in a very prominent spot. I've been concealing the gouge with strategically placed candles that I found at Designer's Guild in Chicago. I do love these colorful candles! But to hide the chipped area, I have to place them off-center. 

It is time that I do something about this chipped laminate. But what to do?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chair Makeover — Oh Yes You Can Paint Upholstery!

Chair makeover using Rit dye
Restored to its original color

I've had this chair for more than a dozen years, and I still love it. Manufactured by Youngs Furniture in Portland, Maine, who source from local, artisanal furniture makers - it was holding up well. The foam was firm and still retained its shape. Only the color had faded, and this was accentuating stains and fabric pilling.  Was it time to say goodbye to this little red chair?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Bedroom Inspiration: Yellow and Gray

gray and yellow bedroom inspiration board
  1. Duvet fabric, Bubbles - Sterling, Tonic Living
  2. Yellow bureau - street find
  3. Chair fabric, Casablanca Geo - Citrine, Tonic Living
  4. Gray campaign dresser, inherited
  5. Piston lamp, Lite Source Inc.
  6. Floating nightstands, Slice Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf, CB2
  7. Min Bed, Design Within Reach 

What do you think of the gray and yellow theme for a bedroom?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Installing a Custom Kick Plate on the Front Door

Remember when I cleaned off years of sloppy paint jobs and restored our midcentury door hardware? The icing on the cake turned out to be that custom-order solid brass kick plate, which tied everything together. I promised instructions on how to order and install a kick plate, so here goes.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Honed Marble Bath - Two Years Later

When the design for our bathroom renovation was just a gleam in my iPad but I was starting to narrow it down to marble for the tub surround, I was definitely concerned with how marble would wear in a bathroom. I did some research, and articles like this one from Houzz, "Why Marble Might Be Wrong for Your Bathroom," certainly gave me pause.

"Marble is easily etched by acidic materials, such as lemon and certain cleaning products... Because marble contains minerals, there's always the risk that its iron content will turn to rust in a bathroom."