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Friday, November 13, 2015

Bedroom Inspiration: Yellow and Gray

gray and yellow bedroom inspiration board
  1. Duvet fabric, Bubbles - Sterling, Tonic Living
  2. Yellow bureau - street find
  3. Chair fabric, Casablanca Geo - Citrine, Tonic Living
  4. Gray campaign dresser, inherited
  5. Piston lamp, Lite Source Inc.
  6. Floating nightstands, Slice Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf, CB2
  7. Min Bed, Design Within Reach 

What do you think of the gray and yellow theme for a bedroom?

Our bedroom needs a refresh. It still looks the way it did when we moved in, which is to say not designed at all. This room has somehow become the repository for lost furniture - furniture that was acquired for our old house, that I don't know what to do with anymore, but feel a sentimental attachment to. Hence the mis-matched nightstands, desk that is no longer needed now that we have a home office, and various landscape paintings in wood frames that I love but that don't really "go" here.

bedroom design

My mood board is composed mostly of things we already own and just a few that I would need to source.
  1. I just love the Bubbles fabric from Tonic Living in Sterling. I would use this fabric to make a duvet cover and shams. I've been reading up at SewMamaSew and it seems doable with my self-taught sewing skills. The duvet cover on the bed now is from West Elm. I loved it when I bought it, but that was several years ago and it is looking rather droopy now, even though the feather duvet from Ikea that is tucked inside is new and fluffy.
  2. The yellow bureau we already have. Hooray for street finds!
  3. The chairs I would need to source - I'm keeping an eye out at our local Habitat Re-Store. I would reupholster them in this citrine fabric, also from Tonic Living.
  4. The gray and white campaign dresser was Ross's before we met. It is actually two bachelor chests pushed together. They could use a little refresh - some new hardware and maybe even some veneers or Panyls if I'm feeling ambitious. 
  5. The chrome Piston lamps I've had for years. I love them. 
  6. The floating nightstands would be a CB2 hack - is that a thing? Their slice hanging shelf is just $150 and wouldn't that be clever? Floating shelves were a mid-century furniture staple that would complement the austere Min bed. (What if I did wood veneers or Panyls on both the dresser and the floating nightstands?)
  7. The Min bed was a splurge from Design Within Reach many years ago, and as with most DWR splurges, I still love it.
While I'm not a fan of overly dressed windows, I think the bay formation of the windows in the master bedroom is an eye-catching architectural detail. It seems to be crying out for a pelmet and some shimmery gray panels floor to ceiling to do it justice, don't you think? Caitlin over at Desert Domicile makes building a pelmet look easy!

If I do go the curtains and pelmet route, I will place the two small-scale bedroom chairs in front of each side window, with perhaps a low table between them.

Of course the metal gate for the fire escape window that we commissioned metal artist Valessa Monk to make is a keeper!

yellow and gray bedroom

yellow and gray bedroom

I am tempted to add a rug. The problem is, they trap dust mites which makes Ross's allergies kick up. But perhaps a Chilowich mat or some low-pile Flor tiles? We had both in our old house and they were easy to vacuum and wet mop.

Or even this indoor/outdoor rug from Brita Sweden, which I love.

Brita Sweden Flower Rug

I arrived at a gray and yellow inspiration board, because we already have a yellow bureau and gray wall color. But I could just as easily pull out other colors from the large artwork over the bed - such as navy or coral. What do you think?

UPDATE 4/4/2016

Here's where we are with the bedroom so far. I went with charcoal gray curtains for the bay window and minimalist white bedding. The wall-mounted nightstands make the room look much more spacious.

See Bedroom Reveal.

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