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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Midcentury Lighting Fixtures I Love

Choosing lighting fixtures when you are planning a remodel can be difficult. You may not have firmed up in your mind's eye, where exactly you are putting various pieces of furniture or how you plan to particular areas of the home.

In our new home, built in 1946, there is a sweet foyer. The kind that New York developers rarely devote the space to these days. It is a true entryway - about 9 feet by 12 feet of room intended for nothing other than getting one's bearings upon entering the apartment.

I was not sure how I was ultimately going to use that space - in fact, I'm still not certain I won't one day move the dining table there and expand the kitchen. I did know that I wanted a light fixture that would set the tone for the entire home. Here's a look at some of my runner's up.

I very seriously considered this cool Atomic-Age chandelier.

I also liked this very simple oversize modern globe.

But I ultimately went with a sputnik-influenced chandelier.

For the bathroom, I loved the Buick-look chrome on this pillbox flushmount.

 I even considered this very inexpensive but elegant paper pillbox fixture from Ikea.

And I looked at many a classic schoolhouse fixture.
In fact, I gave very serious thought to this art deco schoolhouse fixture that I felt would complement the shower door - one of the only original fixtures left in the bathroom:

But I ultimately decided on this gray-striped schoolhouse flush mount. Something about it's retro-modern style I felt would really bring out the best in the Dwell Collection half-hex floor from Heath Ceramics.

And I chose this simple retro fixture right outside the bathroom to light the hallway.

For the bathroom sconces on either side of the medicine cabinet, I considered these very retro ceramic fixtures.

Sutton Double-Sconce, Restoration Hardward

But ultimately I went with these deco sconces.
For the dining area, over the tulip table and Catifa 53 chairs, I coveted these British-made fixtures from Hand and Eye Studio.
But they didn't come in American electrical standards, unfortunately.

And I really liked this Space-Age pendant, though it was pricy.

I ultimately went with this very similar pendant to hang low over the 47" round dining room table:

And I replaced all the dated 1980s ceiling fans with this baby - the Haiku from The Big Ass Fan Company. Love!