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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Custom Metal Designs for Your Home

Window grill, Monk-Designs
A while back I posted about how difficult it is to find a security gate that doesn't look like prison bars. I ended up having a mine custom made by Brooklyn metal sculptor Vallessa Monk.

The Wall Street Journal just published a profile of Vallessa.

Wall Street Journal

I love this glimpse inside Valessa's studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It makes me wish that I had visited her on the job, though I may have keeled over with tool-shop envy!

                                      Wall Street Journal says Vallessa learned to weld at the age of 10, under the guidance of her stepfather, a blacksmith. And though many remark on her work as a woman in a male dominated field, she likens welding to "sewing with fire." I love that!

"One of her most popular homeowner requests is her Moroccan window grilles, an artistic alternative to 'burglar bars.' She makes sinuous vine and leaf patterns in steel or bronze. Recent works have a more three-dimensional quality, bursting with plasma-cut leaves, dahlia blossoms and butterflies." - Wall Street Journal

That pretty much describes the window grille that she designed for us. It is bursting with energy,  life, and movement, which is amazing when you consider that it's metal.