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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Example of Renovation Estimate

cottage porch windows installation
Front Porch Awaiting Windows Installation

We got the first project estimates from Dan and we are well within our budget - it's a go!

Here is the breakdown.

Build Porch Built-In Benches with Storage Beneath: $1,540.00
Parition wall + door to create fourth bedroom out of old livingroom: $1,228.00
Oak flooring over old linoleum: $2,485.00
Bathroom beadboard over old mauve tiled walls: $1,850.00
Beadboard panel and retrim over wallpapered bedroom: $1,449.00
Porch: Replace screens with windows 8- 4 x 4 windows, trim inside and out: $4,212.00

Total: $12,764.00

Here is the plan.

Dan said he'd like to tackle the porch and the "walling off the old front room" projects first: 

1. Two L-shaped corner bench storage seats on sunporch, each approximately 8 x 10 and 16" high, 32" deep with hinged section for access. Face of unit finished in 1 x 6 bead and center bead pine, tops of 3/4" furniture birch plywood. Paint or poly finish by others. $1540.00

2. Frame old livingroom 2 x 4 partition wall of fir studs and sheetrock approximately 9' long, 8'high with door opening for 2'-6" / 6'-8"  6 panel pine door, clear jambs and clear casing. Schlage Plymouth style brass privacy set. Finish lower section both sides with 5/8 x 3 1/4 southern yellow pine bead and center bead (wainscot), 2 1/2" clamshell base, clear clamshell casing. Ready for paint or poly, finish by others. $1228.00

That sounds A-Ok with us!