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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Corner Cabinet in the Bathroom = Cottage Style

cottage style corner cabinet
Corner Cabinet = Cottage Style
As you can see, the mauve tiles are gone and the bead board is up. We actually did not even remove the wall tile. Dan paneled right over them. Yes, you can do that. He had to remove trim and put it back. But looking at it today, you can't tell it was ever there.

You can also see the base of the new pedestal sink.

I love the look of a pedestal sink - especially in a small bathroom, where being able to see the some floor beneath the sink contributes a sense of airiness - but I also hate clutter. And there is always the challenge of where to put our "stuff".
This cottage bathroom has a linen closet right outside the door, so we can store extra towels and soap and TP and such things there. But where to put all the little things like razor blades, shaving cream, shampoos and rinses, shower gels, and sunscreen?
We found this charming little corner cabinet at one of my favorite antique stores - White Flowers Farmhouse in Peconic. And I think it will fit right in with our cottage decor. I'm not even going to paint it. I like its imperfections.

This bathroom is coming together!