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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vintage Sinks Versus Vintage-Look Sinks

I am seeing some amazing vintage sinks on craigslist for just $50!

Look at this vintage peg-leg sink - swoon! These old sinks make me weak in the knees - despite the grit and grime. I just love these old porcelain beauties.  Unfortunately, I can't go for them. 

Here's the reasoning.

Dan our contractor says old fixtures like these may seem like a "good deal" but finding fittings to match them will be not only a hassle but potentially very expensive. 

If I can find the fittings and I want them, he says, no problem - he is happy to sub-contract it to the plumber. But he added a friendly reminder that the plumber is paid by the hour. So by the time costs are added up it will be twice what I'll pay for a new sink. 

So, while the sinks on Craigslist seem a real bargain at just $50 each, by the time I factor in the faucets, pipes, and fittings plus plumber time I'd have blown my budget. Bummer.

So, I turned my sights to new sinks that have a retro look.

I chose this Kohler Bancroft Pedestal Sink that I found at HomeClick for a great price - and free shipping. It has the vintage look to match our old claw foot tub, but with the modern fittings that Dan is talking about.

And I found this gorgeous vintage-look "Hot and Cold" faucet with porcelain hot/cold valves - just $60 on Overstock. 

The bathroom is coming together!