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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Installing a Statuary Marble Bathtub Surround and Deck

The marble arrived and it is a thing of beauty:

Though warned by multiple sources, I stuck to my guns on a honed finish. I just don't like ultra shiny marble. Empire covered sealing upon fabrication, and again after installation. And I will take their advice to reseal it myself every couple of months (I'll let the "water test" be my guide).

We have a separate shower, where the shampooing will be done, so I'm pretty confident we can keep oils and other natural substances from causing undo staining. And in the end, I like the look of naturally aged stone, so I will live with the natural aging and discoloration over time.

Gabrielle from Empire Cabinetry, adhering the long apron to the cement backerboard frame

The installation was challenging. The double aprons meet at a beveled edge. And the deck corner is sharp. All of that had to fit just so. 

And on-site, a space had to be cut for the access panel. We're installing a hand-held shower sprayer, and over time, the hoses will need to be replaced, Henry reminded me.

He thinks of everything!