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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Restoring Luster to Mid-Century Wood Furniture

One of my favorite antiquing finds since we've moved into our home are the little mid-century console table and mirror in the foyer that I found on separate trips to Beall and Bell in Greenport, my go-to for their great eye and nicely edited selection of mid-century furniture.

After a year, the table was starting to lose some of it's luster.  I had heard about Feed-n-Wax from bloggers like HouseTweaking, so I decided to give it a try.

It's an easy application with a soft cloth. It smells really nice going on - like oranges and honey. And almost immediately you see results. Here it is about halfway done.

And now, completely finished.

For so little elbow grease, it is a fairly dramatic result.  I was inspired to try it on the wood frame on this sketch we have in the office.

It has some sun damage on the left and a major scratch on the bottom of the frame as well as some smaller nicks on the right.

Feed-n-Wax didn't fix the scratches, but it definitely made an overall improvement on even this yard-sale find.

I'm inspired enough that I'm game to try another product in the same line called Restore-A-Finish on the library table in our living room.

It has lots of little dings and scratches to the sides and top. So, more on that to come!

Note: This is not a sponsored product review.