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Thursday, May 12, 2016

IKEA Viktigt Patio Inspiration Board

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Have you seen IKEA's Viktigt line? I haven't been this excited about an IKEA product launch since last year's 365+ glass and cork pitchers and carafes, which I bought in multiples for myself and even gave as gifts.

Since laying eyes this week on the strikingly simple black and tan rug and black wicker and cane seating, I'm redecorating the patio at the cottage in my mind's eye — even though I still totally love the vintage wrought iron seating that's there right now.

The Viktigt line was designed in collaboration with Swedish ceramics artist Ingegerd Råman, but the dishware is not even the star of the show. IMO, it's the wicker seating, especially the cane lounge chair (#4), whose laid-back lines bring to mind van der Rohe's Barcelona chair.

I'm seriously considering it for our master bedroom. What do you think? Too casual for indoors? I can't wait to go visit it. The Viktigt line will be introduced in stores at the end of May, for a limited time.