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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Factory Doors and Encaustic Tiles Make a Strong Statement in the Bath

The Bower Birds

I'm advising a friend on a design for a master shower in her new home, and so much has changed since I designed our own bathroom just three years ago, I can't wait to share some exciting finds. 

1. Factory Shower Doors

We've spent some time sharing inspo photos, and we both love love love factory shower doors, like these from Crittell. 

And this one from Houzz.

The shower will be roughly the size of a standard bathtub, and will have two exposures that will enclose shower, window, bench and possibly a niche.

House & Garden UK

2. Encaustic Tile 

The focal point of the room will be of course the eye-catching black-framed shower enclosure but we're also looking at a strong statement tile for the floor. We're loving the look of encaustic tiles.

Here are nine tiles I'm enamored with. Any one would be a stunning choice. I'm favoring #2, as a nod to traditional basketweave patterns of the 1950s, when her home was built. But #1 and #3, both so mod, would also look great — don't they remind you of a Mary Quant dress of the '60s? #8 would provide a slightly feminine flourish. And #7, if you recall, is my road not taken. I had strongly considered Dandelion by Marrakech in navy, before settling on a large hex in shades of gray by Heath, as a modern take on the hex floors of my home's 1940s era. It's always nice when you can harken back to the era of the home. 

Tile Sources:

Most of the floors I've rounded up here are black and white, because with the strong black framed shower doors, we'll almost certainly be looking to design a black and white bathroom. It's possible we'll want a third color, a navy or a gray would be nice, added to the the mix. We have to keep in mind that will narrow color choices for towels and accessories going forward. And with two strong design statements in the shower doors and floor, we will need to keep it simple. I never recommend more than three colors when designing any room.

3. Plain White Subway Tile

With a strong statement tile on the floor, we'll want everything else to be very spare, more of a backdrop. White subway tile on all the walls, floor to ceiling, with possibly a black subway tile back wall in the shower or a niche treatment if it proves to be not too busy. I have to have a look at the window in there.


4. Sleek Wall-Mounted Toilet

We've already settled on a sleek wall-mounted Toto toilet.

5. White Shaker Vanity with Marble Top

We've discussed a vanity rather than a sink — for the storage. I'm envisioning a simple shaker front vanity, either white or black or gray, with a contrasting stone or marble top. And above it, a simple chrome-framed recessed medicine cabinet. I like these rectangular, heavy framed sconces to either side to complete the tableau and to recall the industrial lines of the shower frame.

Schoolhouse Electric

6. Black & White Schoolhouse Light Fixture

Finally, a simple flush-mount lighting fixture in the ceiling will finish the look. I know the trend is toward chandeliers lately. That could be a possibility here if we're to go with floors #7, #8, or #9.

There's lots of work ahead and many decisions to be made. Every bathroom reno includes about 25 or 30 choices when you consider everything from light switches to faucets to the plumbing valves behind the walls. I'm looking forward to digging in!