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Friday, August 21, 2015

Rafter Storage to Organize the Garden Shed

Having the little garden shed has certainly made life at the summer cottage a lot more organized. The renovated front porch has become a favorite place to relax with a morning coffee or evening cocktail. And all the stuff we used to store there - bikes, beach chairs and umbrellas, patio cushions, kayaking gear - is all tucked away in the shed. I'd like to say "neatly tucked away".

Problem: The shed is filled to capacity.

Solution: HyLoft Ceiling Storage (not a paid endorsement).

I did a bit of online sleuthing. It took a while for me to get the lingo, but what I was looking for is called "rafter storage". 

There are a lot of expensive solutions geared more to garages (attached to McMansions, I would surmise, looking at the costs!). My needs are simple, and I found what I was looking for for $35.

The HyLoft Ceiling Storage Rack is designed to fit pretty much any garage or shed rafter configuration you have. For the price and ease of installation, it's a real bargain! 

I found it very easy to install.

Tip1: If you don't already have a good socket wrench set, get one. This one that Dad made me buy at Sears a few years back when he was helping me with another DIY did the trick. 

For this installation, you will be using the 1/2" socket to screw in the rafter bolts and the #16 to fit the rails to one another.

Ready? Let's go!

Step 1: Unpack the box and assemble the parts. 

You will have two rails that suspend from the rafters, two rails, a left J-rail and a right J-rail, that slip inside those, and two more that connect the J-rails. The rails are all sized to slip into each other. All of the hardware is provided.

Step 2: Drill pilot holes and holes the size of your bolts, then screw in the rafter rails.

It will look like this:

Fit the J-rails in and connect the bottom rails loosely using the nuts and bolts provided.

Tip 1: Make sure all screw holes are facing you and none are blocked. Later you will be able to reinforce with the extra nuts and bolts provided.

Once you are certain you have the right configuration, tighten all the bolts using your socket wrench.

 Step 3: Repeat all the above on the other side. And lay some 2x4s across them.

Step 4: Organize your shed so that the things you use most often are nearest the door and everything is easy to reach.

Step 5: Stand back and admire your handiwork.

Better yet, go relax with a cocktail on your, now clutter free, front porch!