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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bathroom Design: Encaustic Tiles Have Real Art Deco Appeal

Marrakech Design

I'm drooling over encaustic tiles lately. Over at Sweeten Blog, Pepper and Marshall share their bathroom reveal and the tile they chose for their Washington Heights art deco era home. 

Sweeten Blog
As you recall, I went with fire clay tiles from Heath Ceramics Dwell Collection for our floor, once I had decided on a gray/white theme and finalized my bathroom design.

I have a confession to make. After I had placed the order for my floor tiles with Heath Ceramics, my eye was caught by the sophisticated spark of Dandelion by Marrakesh Design - in midnight blue. I was so taken by it that I almost cancelled my order and I almost changed my color scheme from gray to blue.

My mood board looked something like this.

I would have stayed with the white beveled field tile. When you are using a strong design on your floor, everything else has to be simple. And I think I'd still have purchased the same console sink, mirror, and sconces. But I'd have used navy inside the shower, of course, for contrast with the white. And I'd have chosen a more art deco style light fixture for certain and a tub like the Bel Aire tub, by Lefroy Brooks.

In the end, sensibility prevailed. My Heath order was already a few weeks in. Custom tiles from designers like Heath and Marrakesh take 6 to 10 weeks and the additional time it would take to start from scratch would make me blow my timeline.

Still, I look at Dandelion from time to time and I still love it - the one that got away!

In retrospect, maybe it's a good thing I didn't go with navy. That tub is quite pricey at $14k. Yowza!

But what a dreamy bathroom.