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Friday, January 29, 2016

Upcoming Projects — Including One for This Weekend

Hey, Ya'll. We have a busy weekend coming up! Hot on the heels of finishing up the installation of the curtains in the bay window yesterday, I'll be installing the floating nightstands.

My shoulder is finally recovering — I don't think I've mentioned it, but I've been dealing with frozen shoulder following a rotator cuff injury since summer. But now I'm raring to go.

The curtains were a good start, right? I think they added some gravitas to the bay window architecture. Next, I'll be using two of these wall-mounted shelves from CB2 as nightstands. This and the curtains combined are going to totally change the look of this room, I believe. The two bedside tables that we are using right now are not only different heights but their dark wood is casting a heaviness to the room. I'm going to lighten the mood all up with these wall-mounted night stands, which will expose some floor to the eye and bring some air underfoot — also some midcentury charm.

Bedroom today
After that, I will have just a few pieces of bedding and a rug to source and we can call this bedroom plan done. I have just about decided that I'll be going with all white bedding, except for a throw for the foot of the bed. I've been testing out the theory with the two big euro pillows and I think I like it. So, all white, like a plush hotel bed, but with a colorful throw at the end of the bed. Something along the lines of one of these.
Crane and Canopy


Next up on my to-do list:
  • Frame canvas paintings
I have been intending for some time to frame my artwork. I have some nice large canvases that I've collected over the years and it's time I treated them to proper frames. I've been reading lots of tutorials online. A Beautiful Mess has one that requires only a handsaw, so I am down for this.

  • Finish home office project
    • Install wall cabinets
    • Install open shelves
    • Wire lighting

The office is in a half-finished state, ever since I hacked the Besta to make a floating desk. Time to get some cabinets and shelves up on those walls and get this room finished.

The unfinished office today

  • Install floating shelves in bathroom


  • Install rolling ladder on living room bookcases
Putnam Rolling Ladder Company

There is a company in Manhattan called The Putnam Rolling Ladder Company who have been making these ladders for libraries and general stores for over 80 years. Fascinating story. I've been eying them since I built my first library back in 2006. I just have to find the money in the budget and go for it. They run about $1,800 - $2,000 with a DIY install.
  • Restore aluminum window frames throughout the apartment — paint them if I have to

Living room today
You probably cannot tell, unless you get up close, but our window frames are a mess. They are not the original midcentury aluminum picture windows. They are double-paned, so probably were installed in the last decade. Whoever installed them, though, was a slob — it is the signature handiwork of the same people who painted over all the doorknobs and hinges in this house. Hah. There is old caulk, in more than one color, all over the darn things. In addition, there's soot deeply embedded in scratches. You get the picture.

I've been reading up on cleaning aluminum windows, and some people have had good luck just using SOS pads, so I'll try that first. I'm always down for putting in the elbow grease, especially now that my shoulder is healing.
  • Install marble windowsill in living room, like this
Google Images
Right now we have wooden window sills that were installed before we moved in. However, when it rains unless I am fast enough to go around and close all the windows tightly, the water pools and the wood is warping. I've already measured and cut out a cardboard template for the size marble I need for this. It's just a matter of saving up the money and ordering it. I'm going to see if one of the marble suppliers in the neighborhood has a remnant they'll sell me for cheap. 
  • Build a faudenza in dining room
Preciously Me
Our dining table looks a little lost sitting up on the stage all by itself. I think a credenza behind it will add a little something — and give Ross a place to store his papers. He tends to work at the dining room table and give me the office.

Diningroom today

  • Kitchen updates
    • Tile floor
    • Under-cabinet lighting
    • Replace range
Paccha by Popham Design via Ann Sacks
I fell in love with these encaustic tiles when I saw them at Ann Sacks in Chelsea. At the time I was shopping for tile for the bathroom renovation, and I couldn't even imagine the day that I might be ready to rip out the kitchen floor. But I think that day is approaching. These are the tiles I want in my kitchen. 

Right now a vivid green and white striped rug from Dash and Albert is hiding the very ugly pink tiles that are there right now.

Kitchen today

  • Replace the stove with a professional range

Subzero - Wolf

I have alerts set up on Craigslist and other sites for a used range. In New York City you see 30" pro ranges fairly often — apparently those who can afford to live in the city these days require larger ranges. When they buy a new home they rip out even recently renovated kitchens, so some very high end appliances come up for grabs. Not free, mind you, but deeply reduced. My range does not have to be a Wolf. But it does have to be a pro range and a slide-in. 

Though I'm ready to pull the trigger on this one, I can wait until the right opportunity comes along. When I find the right range, I will then need to hire a plumber to unhook then rehook the gas — it's regulation in New York City. As long as I will be going to all that trouble of moving the appliances and waiting, I will tile the floor at that time. Just waiting for a sign, Craigslist. And for those of you reading this, if you happen to hear of anyone selling a 30" Wolf or Viking or GE Monogram or Bertazzoni or DCS or BlueStar range, please comment on the blog. Thanks!

So, this concludes my visual to-do list and a bit about my weekend project. Time for me to get a move on. I have to return some things to Ikea tonight, then pick up the CB2 nightstands tomorrow morning. 

Have a great weekend!