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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bedroom Reveal

The bedroom remodel is finished! Well... almost. I installed the floating nightstands today. And what a difference it made. Here's a reminder of how the bedroom looked before we started.

The bedding looked droopy, even though the duvet inside was fluffy and new. A duvet isn't the right style for this minimalist bed that I found years ago at DWR.

The new tucked coverlet and big, square euro shams complement the bed, revealing it's stark, minimalist lines and industrial metal fabrication. Charcoal gray curtains in flowy linen with gathered hooks draw attention to the bay window formation, highlighting the most interesting architectural detail of the room. 

Though I loved the two old mismatched nightstands as individual pieces, the heavy wood is too dark for this room. The ultra-modern Min bed requires something simple, spare.

Floating nightstands were popular mid-century, and you can see why. They really complement the Min bed. Matching nightstands hung at the same height give the room a symmetry that was missing. And being able to see floor beneath them gives the whole room an airy, uncluttered feel that is serene.

If you recall, my mood board had reimagined how our yellow bureau and gray campaign chests could work together with gray and white bedding, white floating nightstands, and our existing chrome lamps. 

I didn't follow it to the letter, but it gave me inspiration along the way. All that's left now is for me to source the perfect chairs and I'll call this bedroom complete.

It's a great feeling to tackle an unfinished room and complete it.

When I look back to the before photos, it's a wonder I put up with that bedroom for so long. But isn't that the way? We grow accustomed to our unfinished rooms and after a time we stop really seeing them. Next challenge on my list is our unfinished home office.

If you're interested in how to install heavy things like floating nightstands, it was a bit of a challenge. No joke. I'll follow up shortly with a post on how I did it — including the embarrassing number of holes I put in the wall.