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About Renov8or

Painting upholstery with Rit Dye - hell yeah, you can do that!

Hey, thanks for stopping by! So, some things about me...

I'm a writer, editor and media exec living in New York City. Renovating and interior design are the way I like to spend my spare time.  I've renovated every home I've lived in, including rentals, and like... whoa, who does that?

I've lived in most my homes a few years before selling them. I'm not about flipping (and even if I was, read why Flipping Is Nearly Impossible In New York). I don't sell to make a profit. I usually sell because another fabulous wreck has caught my eye and I have to heed the call to renovate!

I'm currently on my fourth full-scale home renovation — a 1946 mid-century apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens — where I live with my guy, Ross.

And Sasha-the-Wonder-Cat..

She photobombs most of my photos.

I started blogging about my renovations and home projects in 2006, when I bought my first serious fixer-upper in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. That home needed a complete overhaul, with kitchen and bath gutted down to the studs. It was my first taste of laying out a kitchen and bath design myself. I loved everything about the project, from planning to demo to builds to finishing. I was hooked.

You can read more about that Carroll Gardens home here:
Brownstoner, Curbed, and the New York Times covered my move. I guess you'd have to live in New York City to understand why, but my old neighborhood, which was just ordinary when I first moved there, suddenly became the hip place to live in New York City. Right about that time Ross and I were moving in together and needed more space. I was priced out in Carroll Gardens, so I pulled up stakes and headed off to a new frontier: Jackson Heights.

Fast forward to today and we're living in that Jackson Heights fixer-upper. Much of the heavy lifting in the kitchen and bath are complete, but, you know, there are always projects!
Other projects I post about include:

If you are here because you are planning to renovate or are in the middle of a project and have questions, leave a comment and I'll respond.