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About Renov8or

Painting upholstery with Rit Dye - hell yeah, you can do that!

Hey, thanks for stopping by! So, some things about Renov8or...

I'm a writer, editor, and media exec living in New York City. By day I toil away at various publisher's websites, but my nights and weekends are spent renovating my homes. I've renovated every home I've lived in, including rentals, and like... whoa, who does that?

I live in most of my homes a few years before selling them. I'm not about flipping (and, anyway, Flipping Is Nearly Impossible In New York). I don't sell just to make a profit; it's almost always because some fabulous wreck has caught my eye and I feel the growing need to heed the call to renovate!

I'm currently on my fourth full-scale home renovation in the NYC area — this time a 1946 mid-century apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens — where I live with my guy, Ross and our shelter rescue cat Sasha, who photobombs a lot of my pics.

I started blogging about my renovations and home projects circa 2006, when I bought my first serious fixer-upper in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. A small 550 sq ft. house with a 400 sq foot garden, it was a pretty amazing space that needed a complete overhaul, with kitchen and bath gutted down to the studs. That was my first taste of laying out a kitchen and bath design myself. I loved everything about the project, from planning to demo to builds to finishing. I was hooked.

You can read more about that Carroll Gardens home here:
Brownstoner, Curbed, and even indirectly the New York Times covered our move. You'd have to live in New York City to understand the "why," but our old neighborhood, a hidden gem when I first moved there, became the hip place to live in New York City. Right about that time Ross and I were moving in together and we needed more space. We were priced out in Carroll Gardens, so we pulled up stakes and headed off to a new frontier: Jackson Heights.

Fast forward to today and our Jackson Heights fixer-upper is now all fixed up and starting to feel like it could be our forever home:
We did a gut renovation of the bathroom:
Ditto the kitchen:
Other projects I sometimes post about include:

If you're here because you're planning to renovate or are in the middle of a project and have questions, leave a comment and I'll respond.

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