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Sunday, January 22, 2017

IKEA Hack: Desk for Two + Järsta Wall Cabinets


It's been awhile since my IKEA home office for two hack and though I've put the finishing touches on the desk for two, I'm not quite finished with the room. I've been exploring wall cabinets. I had some time last week between appointments in the IKEA area, so I popped in and as often happens I found the inspiration I was waiting for. I think you're going to *love* it!

When IKEA launched the new Sektion kitchen line, I was struck by the look of the new colorful glossy door fronts. I'm not sure I'd brave a yellow this bright in a new kitchen (though I do remind myself that doors are easily swappable), but I would absolutely LOVE a bright in the office. If you've looked through our home tours, you can tell I'm a big fan of orange. I like high energy colors, especially in an office where I do my best creative work, and I love orange.
Though Sektion is intended for kitchens and though I hacked the double desk using old Besta components, the horizontal styling of these is totally suitable above a desk, so that got my wheels spinning. Could it work? This was a job for SketchUp.

SketchUp is awesome when you just want to noodle around with a design before pulling the trigger and purchasing materials, so I quickly created two walls of the proper dimension and turned them 3D to check things out.

We use this space mainly as a home office and secondarily as a guest bedroom, with the sofa pulled out. Though it could work as a TV room, we almost never watch TV here. We only have a second TV because Ross and I each had one when we moved in together. But it's nice to have in here when we have guests.

From the beginning I've felt that a whole wall of cabinets would be too much, and I still believe that, so instead I paired horizontal cabinets over the computer station with open shelving above the TV.

I think the new cabinets do a lot to pull this space together and give us some much needed storage space for the printer/scanner and other office equipment. As a bonus, I'll be able to tuck the stereo and speakers in there, which will give better visibility to the artwork hanging above the shelving unit where Ross stores his guitars.

What do you think?

Before I pull the trigger on this refresh, I want to investigate our lighting and electrical needs. We should consider puck lighting under the cabinets, and it might be worthwhile to have an outlet built inside the cabinets as well.